About Us

Aji Sushi's owner, Sharon Ng, began her career over 20 years ago. Hailing from Malaysia, much of the credit for Aji Sushi's style comes from her.

"I came to the United States in 1987. I got into the restaurant business waiting on tables in Japanese restaurants. And yet, I've always wanted to be the owner of a restaurant where I can bring my own special touches."

Be sure to try Sharon's expertise on how to get the most remarkable flavor from your dish. "Like wine tasting (clearing your palate between samplings of different wines), our sushi presentation is designed to ensure that you get the best taste of each piece of fish. Imagine your plate has pieces of tuna and eel - we also provide some pickled ginger and shredded radish on your plate to clear your palate after tasting the tuna and to prepare you for the different taste of eel."

In its brief time here, Aji Sushi has established a real following. Here's a bit of what they say:

  • "Way above and beyond the basic in Japanese cuisine."
  • "I came here once out of curiosity and then could not stop after that. Aji Sushi takes classic Japanese dishes to another level."
  • "There's truly an abundance of sushi in each roll for such a reasonable price."
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